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    (incase you forgot what you clicked on)

    Where’s my money?! And where does it come from?

    Money in Shinobi Origins comes from 3 major places.

    1. NPC’s will distribute most of the money through your nation. So you’ll want to make sure your village is attractive to the traveling merchants. NPC’s will gladly pay more taxes for, more security, cleaner and prestigious villages, stronger clans and more.
    2. Governing bodies, each village will have money to hand out for missions, some of that will be from taxes, head government bodies and more.
    3. Player shops, jobs will pay a huge role in Shinobi Origins, so the better your goods, the more money people will pay for them.

    Wait, governing bodies?

    Each nation will have a capital. Once in awhile depending on your village, how much taxes your community has paid and other factors you’ll get a bonus from the capitol to keep your village afloat.


    Villages need money to function, everything from building, running and farming out missions cost money and resources. But this has a trickle down effect, the better off your village is the better community buildings you have and the better NPCs will come to live in your city.

    Community buildings

    So what’s in it for you? Well the better your village is the better community buildings you’ll have. Meaning better training centers, shelters, arenas and more.

    Global Auction

    Until now we’ve only spoken how money changes hands within a single nation. Now let’s talk about how money changes hands all across the world. Money isn’t the only resources needed in Shinobi Origins. Metal, wood, food, ore and much more is needed for building buildings and crafting items. Some countries are more abundant in these materials than others. So they are sold at auction, things like teriffs and other things affect prices.

    😵 But I just wanna kill stuff!

    Then let other players handle the economy and politics. You can play the game your way which is what makes it so exciting.

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  • Combat

    images coming soon


    The combat in Shinobi Origins is based on movement, prediction and technical skill. Which means, stop moving or get out of position and it could mean your death.
    (no seriously quit moving it’s easier to throw kunai at you that way)


    Shinobi are renown for their movement capabilities and ability to maneuver the battle field unseen. Parkour your way to victory with the ability to climb, wall run, vault and much more.
    (Do you even free-run bro?)


    Shinobi need tools for the job. In Shinobi Origins you are able to use any weapon you can get your hands on. The Gestault RPG system will automatically adapt your character for your favorite ones, so become a jack of all trades or master one. Either way with enough hard work and dedication you’ll rule the battlefield.
    (There’s nothing quite like a shiny new sword)


    Shinobi Origins uses the custom Gestault RPG system. It allows you to play the game the way you want and the system will automatically setup your character based on how you play. Don’t worry about your stats, skills or anything else. Just play the game and your character will grow more powerful.
    (Pay attention, class is in session)

    Creation & Destruction & More?

    Is time for everyone’s favorite part, the abilities. Abilities in Shinobi Origins take two root paths, Creation and Destruction. By weaving these two paths together you can literally put your imprint on the world. Create trees, boulders and much more. If your strong enough, even mountains. (yes you heard that right terrain manipulation). Or destroy everything in your path.
    (Say that again and I’ll drop a rock on your head)


    Besides the theme of creation and destruction, teir 2 of that tree is the elements, each element will have a creation and destruction types that will allow you to arrange them together in combos that will create whole new abilities. (Maybe even ones that no one else knows of.)
    (I’m quite electric)


    What’s a warrior without some good armor? You’ll be able to equip items and armor that will physically show up on your character. Strikes to those areas will deal damage according to a calculation. So, better chest armor, means more chest protection. But did you forget a helmet?
    (My socks do -13% arrow piercing damage to protect my Achillies heel)

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